History Repair "SOS Children's Village Russia" Lavrovo (History of deception LLC "Company LAD")

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Continuation, correspondence. The first letter to Secretary-General of SOS Children’s Villages Inter
Dear Mr Richard Pichler

We wrote this email with the aim to find a solution suitable for both of our companies.

The attached documents are related to the issue of cancelling the Contract with our Company. We still don’t understand the reasons for the cancellation since the extension of the time period of the performance of works was caused by additional types of works not foreseen in the Terms of Reference to the Contract. The Terms of Reference was comprised without taking into consideration the actual state of the plaster. When we concluded the Contract we had no opportunity to be aware of this. Nevertheless in according with the Contract we informed the Construction adviser Mr A.S. Lubimov and the Executive Director Mr N.Yu. Slabzhanin about the actual situation on 13.09.12. The reply was that the issue is being considered. In fact as far as we understand the issue was never considered.

Hereby we request to examine the attached documents, and to evaluate the work performed by our company and pay our charges within a reasonable time period. We are open to a dialogue, all our work under the Contract proves this. We will be happy to answer any additional questions and provide any additional documents if necessary.

We also send the attached document by courier into your name.

1 Claim dated 28.11.12
2 Copy of the Minutes of inspection measurement not signed from our side
3 Copy of our Discrepancy report to the Minutes of inspection measurement
4 Copy of Minutes of meetings dated 4.09.12; 11.09.12; 3.10.12; 18.10.12 with our amendments
5 Copies of claims dated 13.11.12 and 21.11.12
6 Copies of emails to Mr Strommer

Sincerely yours,

General Director of OOO Company LAD
T.I. Starostina


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